Caribbean Coast Kayak Adventure 

$180 per person

(minimum 2 people)

River Kayaking - Rio Luis to Calovebora 

8am - 6pm Full day all Inclusive 

This really is an adventure into an area of Panama that is largely unexplored with basically no tourist traffic at all. We depart Santa Fe and head deep into the Santa Fe National Park to the last village Rio Luis (approx. one hour driving). From there we enter our kayaks and kayak down stream for an additional 3.5-4.5 hours depending on river level and flow. The river takes us through the centre of the Santa Fe National Park, acting like a natural highway allowing us to view the jungle, wildlife and birds along the way. There are a series of rapids and technical sections at the start of the paddle so expect to get wet! At about 2pm we will paddle out of the estuary mouth and into the Caribbean. Here there is a small coastal village with the bare necessities where we have a Caribbean style meal before we return by 4x4 truck. 

$110 per person

(minimum 2 people)

Estuary Kayaking - Calovebora Coastal Exploring

8am - 2pm Half day all Inclusive 

Spend the morning exploring the estuary systems at the Caribbean Coast. With a diverse display of bird life, mangrove and jungle at the waters edge you spend the morning paddling in calm water absorbing the sights and sounds of this remote coast line. Paddle over to the island to explore the coconut groves, swim in the fresh water rivers, walk along the Caribbean sand beaches and experience the local town at the rivers mouth as they transition into a more accessible community upon the opening of the Atlantic highway. 

This option is ideal for families or people looking for an alternative to still explore the river without the rapids as the water in the river mouth is calm with limited tidal variation. Additionally those looking to fish please let us know! 


What about the weather?

Please be aware that this trip is very dependent on the weather and river level.  

What should I bring on tour? 

- waterbottle, swim suit, rain jacket, hat, sunblock, insect repellant

What should I bring river kayaking? 

- set of dry clothes, river shoes or crocks, dry bag or ziplock for electronics.

 +507 615 89 144

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