Equestrian Adventures

Backcountry excursions for Intermediate to Advanced riders


Monday-Sunday: 8:00am - 3:00pm

Price: $140/person

Riding Time: ~5 hours

Includes: Lunch, drinks and trail snacks

Gain access to Panama's remote interior on horseback with our full day ride through the valleys and hillsides, where, in pre-Columbian times, Chief Urraca and his Ngäbe people once roamed. More info


Monday-Sunday: 2-5 days

Price: Per itinerary

Riding Time: 3-5 hours daily

Includes: Lunch, drinks and trail snacks as well as vehicle transportation

Our customized, multi-day itineraries are for confident riders looking to get off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the ambiance and way of life here in Central Panama.  More info

*Rider weight limit: 90kgs or 190lbs

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Santa Fe, Veraguas, Panama

Creole Horses & Ponies

Group Size: Max 6

Intermediate & Advanced


Food & drink Included

Family Friendly


The weather on the day will affect our plans, so please understand that while we want to guarantee your day, riding in a tropical storm is no fun! 



We recommend that you pack a water bottle, swim suit, rain jacket, hat, sunblock, insect repellant, dry bag or ziplock for electronics.

We recommend you wear long pants such as jodhpurs/jeans, closed toe shoes. Helmets are available upon request. 

Explore Central Panama_


Your adventure begins in the quaint village of Santa Fe. From there we set out into the backcountry, following the mountain range that forms the crest of the continental divide with the the Santa Maria river-valley below. Making our way towards the remote foothills of Cerro Tute and the ​open savannah grasslands we find rocky outcrops and rural homesteads scattered across this breathtaking landscape. 

We touch the Santa Fe National Park at the summitin-front of us an expanse of jungle kept lush and green from the rainfall carried by the winds from the Caribbean Sea. This geographical feature indicates the start of 72,636 hectares; home to an abundance of wildlife including the second largest big cat population in Panama. As the landscape increases in altitude you are rewarded with the most spectacular views of the central highlands of Panama.

We then begin our decent, with the view of our destination nestled in the valley below. We return mid-afternoon to the village of Santa Fe, where we hitch the horses before relaxing with a cool beverage while enjoying a satisfactory spread of locally prepared dishes. 


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Waterfalls Santa Fe
Farm to table! Visit finca Maria and Cho
Backcountry trails


With a multitude of backcountry roads and paths running through our Central Highlands we are able to access unique trails, stunning vistas and constantly changing micro-climates. Over the period of your stay you will build a special connection and trust with your horse, while as a team you traverse along some of the most challenging terrains, unique to the isthmus of Panama.

Itineraries are designed to your interest. Below is a sample of what's available and much more:


Take trails deep into the national park, along narrow indigenous footpaths, under immense jungle foliage with toucans and bright blue morpho butterflies. Bathe at the base of hidden waterfalls with deep blue pools seldom visited by outsiders. 

Pick up the pace and ride down in the foothills where the land is flatter and more open allowing you to fly past remote farms and cattle posts. Catch a glimpse into life of rural Panama where self-sustainiable living is a necessity, not a trend and your success that year is based on the rainfall and your own hard work in the fields. 


Engage in a local cattle wrangling experience, either moving the cattle between pastures or bringing them down from the mountains for a routine check up and vaccination. Discover first hand how the local way of life often revolves around livestock and connection to the land. 

Contact us now to book an experience of a lifetime in a country that has captivated explorers since the dawn of sea voyaging and exploration.